Family First to present 'Protect Marriage' petition

An anti-gay marriage lobby group will today present a petition to the select committee that's hearing submissions on the Marriage Amendment Bill.

Family First's 'Protect Marriage' campaign has collected more than 70,000 signatures on its petition, which opposes MP Louisa Wall's bill.

Family First director Bob McCoskrie says he'd aimed to get 10,000 signatures, and says the strong support shows the level of public opposition to the bill.

The petition is worded: "I support the definition of marriage in New Zealand being maintained as one man one woman. I oppose any attempt to redefine it."

"This is an incredible response considering it’s not part of a formal referendum, and it certainly shows the level of public opposition to the bill," says Mr McCoskrie.

"And the signatures continue to come in."

The select committee will also be receiving a submission from the Aids Foundation, whose executive director Sean Robinson says he believes marriage equality would enable health issues to be more easily addressed.

“People are much more likely to develop drug and alcohol issues [without marriage equality], they’re much more likely to have low self esteem and it really just makes their vulnerability to sexual health issues much greater.”

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source: newshub archive