Farmer prepares to farewell Shrek, his special sheep

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  • 11/06/2011

By Anna Burns-Francis

Bendigo Station was today gearing up to say goodbye to the sheep that put the town of Tarras on the map.

“Our lives have been turned upside down by the old boy, even though he's not here in body, he's here in spirit, and the international media have gone crazy,” says farmer John Perriam.

Ever since he was discovered in the high country hills of John Perriam's farm, Shrek's been doing his bit for charity.  News of his death has once again seen the foreign wires buzzing.

“Well I must admit I thought, here we go again, ‘cause seven years ago when he went global the media frenzy was just like trying to ride a runaway racehorse,” says Mr Perriam.

Plans for Shrek's funeral have been put on hold until foreign media arrive, however Mr Perriam’s been kept busy opening cards and letters from people he's never met and making arrangements to auction off the last handful of Shrek's wool on Trade Me.

“We've been getting up to $1000 from each of them, we've already raised $100, 000 from his fleece which is bizarre, they're not worth anything, it's too long in textile terms,” he says.

Down at Tarras School, the kids, including Mr Perriam’s grandson, have their own ideas about Shrek's final resting place.

“I like the idea of putting his ashes over Mt Cook and at Bendigo, so we can feel that he'll always be with us,” says pupil Bella Chapman-Cohen.

Shrek's body is being kept in a freezer at Bendigo Station until a final decision is made about where'll go. The most likely option will see his body go on display at Te Papa in Wellington so his legacy lives on.

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source: newshub archive