Former senior policeman on trial for drug offenses

  • 28/10/2014

As the former head of Whangarei's Organised Crime Unit, Mike Blowers routinely busted drug dealers; now he's accused of being one.

Blowers is now accused of stealing methamphetamine, or P, with a street value of up to $58,000 after it was seized in a raid at a motel, which has since come under new management.

"They were brought back to the police station, then he has access to them by virtue of his job and his role in the police," says Crown prosecutor Philip Hamlin.

He's also accused of supplying the meth and cannabis to a woman to sell. She cannot be named for legal reasons.

The Crown claims as head of the Organised Crime Unit, Blowers had unlimited access to one of two drug stores at the police station. It's alleged the former detective, in breach of police protocol, had the 57g of meth from the motel transferred to the drug lock-up that he had direct access to. A day later he sent the drugs back to the right evidence storeroom.

When concerns were finally raised about Blowers, the meth was tested and the results were alarming. A residue sample of the meth tested 81 percent pure, but the bulk of it was just 29 percent. Both samples should have been exactly the same.

A large amount of quantity was made up mainly of salt which looked the same and weighed the same.   

It's claimed Blowers stole the drugs for one simple reason – money. But Blowers, who retired from the police force in 2013, categorically denies all the charges.

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source: newshub archive