Gang fight in central Hastings

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  • 02/01/2013

By 3 News online staff

Seven men were arrested in Hastings yesterday following a street fight between rival gang members.

Police say they received a number of calls around 1:30pm saying a number of armed men were fighting at the corner of Eastbourne St and Willowpark Rd, reports Hawke's Bay Today.

Officers arrested three Mongrel Mob and four Black Power members or associates, all aged between 15 and 24.

No one received serious injuries.

"They jumped off their bikes and put these red bandanas over their faces, then they started going at each other," a witness told the paper.

"One man had a hatchet with a long handle. The [weapons] they had could have resulted in something very nasty if the police had not arrived so quickly."pasting

Police aren't sure what started the fight, but one witness said two of the men had been arguing earlier.

"They were yelling for a while, then they appeared to make up and gave each other a hug.

"One guy appeared to be quite out of it, he was climbing a pole and swinging from it, he was throwing things out onto the street. Then the police arrived and picked him up."

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source: newshub archive