Hamilton welcomes back fluoride

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  • 27/03/2014

The Hamilton City Council has decided to welcome fluoride back to the tap.

In a meeting this afternoon, councillors voted 9-1 to re-introduce fluoride into the city's water supply.

Philip Yueng was the only councillor to vote against fluoride, saying he wanted to look at other options.

Councillors Dave Macpherson and Margaret Forsyth were absent, while Martin Gallagher excluded himself from the vote.

Deputy Mayor Gordon Chesterman voted to put fluoride back into the water, saying it was what Hamilton residents wanted.

"Regardless of what I think, the people have had their say," he said.

In July last year the HCC voted to remove fluoride from the city's water supply after 1567 submissions on the topic.

Only eight of the 13 councillors voted on the proposal. They voted 7-1.

The decision was contentious and lead to a non-binding referendum on the issue during local government elections last October.

Seventy percent of Hamiltonians voted in support of fluoride.

Following the results, councillors voted 7-5 to delay their decision, awaiting a ruling from a High Court case against the South Taranaki District Council fluoridating their water supply.

Earlier this month that ruling was made by Judge Rodney Hansen, who upheld the legality of water fluoridation.

Anti-fluoride group New Health NZ announced yesterday they plan to appeal the decision.

Today's HCC meeting minutes say $100,000 was added to the 2014/15 budget for the operational costs of recommencing water fluoridation and "anticipated legal costs".

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