Hobbit coins and stamps unveiled

  • 05/10/2012

By 3 News online staff

New Zealand Post has unveiled a selection of commemorative stamps and coins ahead of Wellington’s world premier of Peter Jackson’s first The Hobbit film.

Six special stamps and 15 coins – which are legal tender – will go on sale in November, a few weeks before the red carpet is rolled out.

The stamps include Bilbo Baggins (70c), Gollum ($1.40), Gandalf ($1.90), Thorin Oakenshield ($2.10), Radagast ($2.40), and Elrond ($2.90).

The coins range in price and value, starting with four $1 face value gold coins with a price tag of $29.90.

The most expensive coin has a price tag of $3,695 and is minted from 1oz of 0.9999 gold. There are four of these to choose from.

A silver coin with gold plating and six silver coins are also available.

Sir Ian McKellen, who plays Gandalf, has given the collection his stamp of approval.

“To put Gandalf on these splendiferous coins is a wizard idea,” he says.

“The pointy hat, the beard and the illuminated staff – the $1.90 NZ stamp is pure Gandalf.”

New Zealand Post’s stamps and coins spokesperson Simon Allison says they work well with New Zealand’s branding as Middle Earth.

“We’re committed to honouring the legacy of Sir Peter’s films, by creating stamps and coins of the highest quality,” he says.

He also confirmed more stamps and coins will be made for the other two The Hobbit films.

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source: newshub archive