Hollywood hopefuls warned against pricey US conference

A Kiwi talent agent is warning Hollywood hopefuls will be wasting their money if they attend a $11,200-a-head conference in Los Angeles that offers them a shot at the big time.

iPop New Zealand, which has held auditions in Auckland and Christchurch, says attending its week-long event in the United States could get budding stars an audition at Disney.

iPop says it's scouting for Kiwis to attend a week-long showcase in Los Angeles in January where they can audition in front of 220 Hollywood agents. But each ticket costs $11,200, and that's not including air fares.

According to Australian organiser Mark Grundy, dozens of Kiwis have already signed up and paid.

But that fee guarantees nothing, and Mr Grundy says he doesn't know how many people actually end up getting show-business jobs.

Auckland-based talent agent Gail Cowen thinks they haven't got a hope of hitting the big time. 

"Look, you'd have a better chance winning Lotto really," she says.

A website linked to iPop's Facebook page states it's looking for people to star in Nickelodeon and Disney shows.

But a spokesperson for Disney says they are not affiliated and Disney has not authorised talent searches, open auditions or casting through any advance-fee event organisers.

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source: newshub archive