Huntly's DEKA sign gets a makeover

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  • 21/06/2013

The old DEKA sign is unmissable when you drive through the rural town of Huntly. Standing tall and proud, it has become something of an icon for the small Waikato town, and indeed, for all of New Zealand.

As you drive into Huntly from the north you're first greeted by the rows and rows of graves at the local cemetery, closely followed by the Power Station that wouldn't look out of place in Soviet Russia.

Then there's the witty welcome sign, Switch on to Huntly.

And eventually, on the corner of the main street, wedged in between the Super Liquor and Fruit King, there's a slice of New Zealand history.

Tonight is a very special night for the Huntly landmark. Those four letters dear to Kiwi retail history received a very special makeover.

Huntly's mayor, Allan Sanson, understands how iconic the sign has become.

"You go through Cambridge, they've got a horse and of course you go through Taihapei, they've got a gumboot, get to Hunterville, they've got a dog…. But Huntly's got a DEKA sign," he says.

Now you'll be able to see the sign at night, because the old gal is being lit up.

The man behind the 'facelift' is Huntly community board chairman Frank Mcinally. He says he came up with the idea after an epiphany at the pub.

"It's good for the town. It was one of my better ideas I think. I've come up with some bright ones but this one is one of the better ones".

And judging by the crowds who turned out today, it appears to be a very bright idea.

As the sun came down over the mighty Waikato and the big moment drew near, it was time to take a closer look at the sign.

Finally the moment arrived for Graham Simpson and Neil Mcluckie, two gentlemen who helped dig the hole for the sign's post, to flick the new lights on.

There it was – the original DEKA sign, complete with the original moss, but with a brand new set of letters and lights.

Watch the video for the full report.

source: newshub archive