Internet Party's election returns revealed

  • 02/03/2015

Kim Dotcom's failed Internet Party has been dealt another humiliating blow.

Final election returns reveal $3.5 million was given to the Internet Party by Dotcom. It ended up getting 34,094 votes – that means Dotcom spent $102 per vote.

The election returns reveal the party's explosive press secretary Pam Corkery was paid $15,000 for her 15 weeks' work - that's $1000 a week.

The party spent more than $1 million on election related advertising, including $122,000 for a YouTube parody of Prime Minister John Key and US President Barack Obama. It also spent $21,000 on T-shirts.

The returns also reveal how much money Dotcom pumped into Mana's candidate, with leader Hone Harawira getting $80,000, his deputy Annette Sykes getting $60,000 and candidate Te Hamua Nikora getting $60,000. Veteran activist John Minto didn't get a cent.

Dotcom didn't respond to a request for an interview, but he's been having a hard time lately. He's had numerous legal setbacks, claims he is broke, and his former wife Mona has appeared on the front of a magazine with her new 20-year-old partner.

His extradition case is set down for June.

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source: newshub archive