Judge stops live streaming of Bain case

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  • 10/03/2009

Rules governing website coverage of the David Bain trial have been updated after fresh concerns were raised over footage being streamed live from the courtroom.

In a decision released today Justice Graham Panckhurst said minutes from his previous ruling showed the application for streaming by TV3 "was not pursued".

The TV network had been permitted to run footage provided it used a 10-minute delay. Its website warned viewers the footage "is subject to strict suppression orders and may not be available at all times".

However, lawyers for both sides spoke out after audio was broadcast of a discussion which occurred after the jury had been cleared from the courtroom.

There were also concerns that witnesses may watch parts of the trial before taking the stand, breaching an order for their exclusion.

Justice Panckhurst said websites would now be limited to "conventional news coverage" with content edited before being aired.


source: newshub archive

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