Kiwi using cricket to help India's poor

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  • 01/07/2014

A Canterbury University graduate has set up a foundation to educate children living in slums in India and Sri Lanka.

Alex Reese was playing cricket in India when he had the idea. When the 22-year-old saw the plight of children living in the slums, he wasn't content to be a spectator.

He was inspired to help after becoming friends with taxi driver named Lax, who lived in one of the biggest slums in Mumbai and couldn't afford to send his kids to any local academies – which only cost around NZ$10 a month to attend.

So he set up the Cricket Live Foundation to teach children the sport he loves. The foundation selects 10- and 11-year-olds from the lowest decile public schools based on their family situation and income.

They learn cricket skills, as well as taking normal school subjects. Everything is paid for, including their uniforms.

Watch the video for Emily Cooper's full report.

source: newshub archive