KiwiSaver kick-start cut unpopular – poll

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  • 07/06/2015

The verdict is in on the Budget's two big surprises – taking the axe to KiwiSaver and introducing a new airport tax.

It was a swift blow to KiwiSaver with the $1000 kick-start gone, effective immediately.

It was designed to incentivise people to sign up and save.

The move will save the Government $125 million a year.

3 News asked voters if they agreed with the axing the KiwiSaver kick-start.

  • An overwhelming majority of 67 percent say "no"
  • Just 30 percent say "yes".

"It's not surprising," says Finance Minister Bill English.

"Many people will have received that kick-start when they entered KiwiSaver, but now most Kiwis who can save are in KiwiSaver, and we decided we had higher priorities for the use for the money."

Meanwhile, Labour leader Andrew Little says for those on lower incomes the kick-start made a "big difference".

"It's gone now and I think it's going to be harder for those on lower incomes to see the benefit of joining," he says.

The other surprise of the Budget was a new airport tax. It will cost Kiwis around $22 per person on an international round trip.

3 News asked voters if they agree with the levy.

  • Fifty-seven percent say "yes"
  • Forty percent say "no".

"Most people accept that user pays is probably a sensible way to charge, particularly for important services like border control and bio security," says Mr English.

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source: newshub archive

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