Mangere mother buys mouldy Big Ben pie

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  • 19/02/2013

A Mangere mother got the fright of her life last week when she discovered the pie she’d just purchased and was about to eat was covered in thick, hairy mould.

Michelle Cobb and her three kids purchased four Big Ben pies from Bhaga Food Market on Fresian drive in Mangere when she made the discovery.

One of the chicken pies, which was straight from the dairy’s pie-warmer, was covered in white, web-like mould and the bottom of it was black.

“I looked at it and was like ‘man, I don’t think this pie is meant to look like this’,” she says.

Ms Cobb showed her kids who spat out their pies before going back to the dairy to complain.

“All they said was ‘oh sorry’. That’s it. I got my money back for all my pies then I rung up Big Ben and they said they’d send me a voucher to say sorry,” she says.

“I looked at the expiry date after I had opened it and it had expired by a week.”

Big Ben told her that because the pie had expired, the shop is to blame. 

Ms Cobb says the dairy might not be checking the expiry dates of the pies and putting old food in the warmer.

“It would have been real bad for one of my kids to eat. I don’t know if it could have made us sick. It probably would have because it was a chicken pie.”

Ms Cobb says the experience has left her and her kids put off pies – and the dairy – for life. 

The incident comes just days after two Wellington students purchased a chicken burger from Burger King that was covered in mould.

A spokesperson for the burger chain said they are questioning the manager and are horrified about how bad the mould was.

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