Melissa Lee's preference for Waterview at odds with National

  • 11/05/2009

The Government seems set to opt for a compromise tunnel and motorway for what's called the Waterview Connection in Auckland's Mt Albert.

It is understood that National will go for a shorter tunnel and some motorway.

The announcement was to have been made tomorrow, but it seems that somebody in National forgot to tell its by-election candidate Melissa Lee.

While she had refused to answer whether she supports the plan, today on radio she came clean - a motorway above ground.

A motorway above ground might be cheaper but would see close to 500 houses demolished. However if it goes underground it will be just over 100.

Prime Minister John Key is now suggesting that Ms Lee doesn't quite know what she's talking about.

"That may be her preferred option, but that's not necessarily what the cabinet has recommended," Mr Key says.

The Government and the Road Transport Agency will reveal the plans for the Waterview Connection over the next few days.

But the debacle has shown Melissa Lee is in fact out of the loop. She didn't even know National was announcing its preferred option tomorrow let alone what it is.

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source: newshub archive