NZ artists show future ravaged by climate change

  • 19/04/2015

Comic books have long been obsessed with the world of science fiction.

But a collective of New Zealand artists have released a book to raise awareness about another strand of science, which unfortunately, is far from fiction.

Pictured in the comic is Auckland's Victoria Park, 100 years from now. Cricket fields have been replaced with rice paddies and armed guards keep a watchful eye on the workers.

It is Damon Keen's bleak view of the future, if the worst predictions of man-made climate change eventuate.

"It is a mixture of science and speculation, but I think well-educated speculation," Mr Keen says.

In our warming world, sea levels are predicted to rise up to 1m by the end of the century. Weather will become more extreme. That means more droughts and more intense storms in the Pacific, like Cyclone Pam.

High Water is a collaborative project, with 11 New Zealand artists contributing stories, all relating to climate change.

Mr Keen hopes the graphic works resonate with people in a way the words of politicians and scientists do not.

"We all need to step up in one way or another because the issue is actually quite terrifyingly large, and I think we can all do that, but I don't think we all need to be frontline foot soldiers," says Mr Keen.

"We do what we can in our own little way. I am a cartoonist so it makes sense for me to approach this problem like this."

He says if everyone makes an effort, scenes like those in his comic book will be pure science fiction, not the future picture of society.

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source: newshub archive