Office sex romp: Fiancé speaks out

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  • 04/02/2015

A man claiming to be the former fiancé of a young woman at the centre of a public office sex romp says he holds no ill feeling toward her or the married man involved.

Speaking on The Edge this morning, the young man who identified himself only as ‘Josh’, said the pair actually split up six months ago and are in the process of separating property. They also share a dog.

But Josh was quick to defend his former fiancee’s honour, saying she’s “actually a really, really nice person”.

“It’s just a shame that that happened and she got caught for it,” he said.

An investigation into the late-night affair is ongoing, with one insider speculating the pair may be forced to work in separate offices if they keep their jobs.

The Marsh Ltd employees were recorded having sex in a brightly-lit office on Friday, with footage and images uploaded to Facebook and YouTube.

The older male involved is understood to be married with three children. A source close to his wife says she learned of the affair via Facebook and has been inconsolable since.

There were reports the younger woman was recently engaged, however Josh says he contacted The Edge this morning to set the record straight.

“Everyone’s got it quite wrong,” he said. “I was the fiancé. We split up like, six months ago. It’s got nothing to do with me really.”

Josh said even before learning of the affair, there was no chance of reconciliation.

“We’d been together for years […] I think people just drift apart and that’s the way it went.”

Josh said on the night in question he was at the young woman’s house, hoping to meet to discuss separating their assets following the break up. She returned home late and he drove her to pick up her car from the office the next morning.

He learned of the affair after the images went viral and were broadcast by the media.

“It is pretty horrible. You don’t want to see your ex doing anything like that on the telly,” he said.

But Josh understands the interest of the punters at the bar across the road, who reportedly clapped and cheered as she exited the building following the tryst.

“A lot of people would do the same thing,” he said. I wouldn’t be bothered putting it on the internet, but I’d watch and have a laugh.”

Neither the young woman nor the older man – believed to hold a senior management position at the company - have returned to work since the affair. Marsh Ltd is conducting an employment investigation.

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source: newshub archive