Pig's car raid terrifies Otago woman

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  • 03/05/2015

By 3 News online staff

A motorist needed rescuing from a massive greedy pig yesterday as the animal caught a whiff of food and clambered into her car to claim it.

The big kunekune cross, thought to weigh around 150kg, trapped the woman inside the car during the unexpected raid.

Local animal control officer Alister Wilden told the Otago Daily Times the call for help initially involved a "wild boar attacking people", but that rumour turned out to be a porker.

''He was hungry and a person has stopped and they had some food and he's tried climbing into the car and trapped the person," he said.

''He was pretty big, it would have been quite traumatic for the woman involved.''

A passerby managed to grab the invader's hind legs and drag him out of the car, and the animal was later returned to a local paddock.

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source: newshub archive