PM denies involvement in Glucina 'ponytail-gate' article

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  • 18/05/2015

The Prime Minister says he had "nothing to do" with an article which named the waitress behind the ponytail-gate saga.

The Green Party has urged John Key to front up with details about his conversations with Rachel Glucina, the New Zealand Herald journalist who wrote the story about waitress Amanda Bailey.

Ms Bailey initially detailed her story in an anonymous article on left-wing political website The Daily Blog, but her identity was revealed in a Herald front-page story the next day.

In a follow-up article on The Daily Blog, Ms Bailey said the Herald journalist, gossip writer Rachel Glucina, initially presented herself as a public relations expert, not a reporter. Ms Glucina and the Herald denied Ms Bailey's claims.

They says it was a "grubby" piece of journalism and wanted Mr Key's assurance he had not been involved.

Mr Key says he doesn't detail his conversations with journalists - but he had "absolutely nothing to do with" the article.

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source: newshub archive