Police continue investigation in Turangi

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  • 23/12/2011

By Simon Shepherd

Offers of support have been pouring in for the parents of the little girl who was brutally attacked in a Turangi campsite.

Police say they have no firm leads in their hunt for the man carried out what they believe was a sexually motivated assault.

Police say their investigation is progressing but they need that vital phone call from someone who knows the identity of the man behind this horrific crime.

The door knocking has begun, as officers try to uncover any thing that could lead to the arrest everyone in Turangi is hoping for.

"I hope they are very successful, the police, in catching him and I hope as soon as they do they bring back capital punishment," says John Uden

"It's really sad that society has become like this and this really disgusting,” says Trudy Grassi

Forensic police were back at the caravan in Camp Habitat where the five-year-old was attacked as she lay sleeping on Wednesday night, her parents just meters away in an amenities block.

She continues to recover in Waikato Hospital from where her parents released this statement.

"Physically she is doing better and better. She started playing and drawing in her bed. We are very touched by the reactions of New Zealanders."

"The family is remarkably strong , good people , they are determined that their daughter is going to be well," says superintendent Glenn, District commander

Turangi is keen to show it cares, with the Womens Club raising money for the family.

But what the police really want is that vital phone call.

"People who suspect something is not right with someone who went out and has come back looking remorseful with what's occurred and wants to out their hand up," says inquiry head Mark Loper.

Until that phone call comes, police say the only way forward is to rule nothing out.

That includes looking into who was at various parties nearby on the night and checks into locally known sex offenders.

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source: newshub archive