Police say death metal murder was 'shockingly brutal'

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  • 18/02/2011

By Emma Jolliff

A senior police officer has described the killing of a death metal front man, Matthew Hall, as the most brutal murder he’s seen in 23 years.

Mr Hall was killed in his bed at home in Johnsonville, in what police describe as a frenzied stabbing attack.

They say they don’t yet know of a motive.

Forensic scientists are still examining the Broderick Road property where Mr Hall’s body was discovered by his only flatmate on Tuesday. Police say the injures Hall sustained were “horrific”.

“In 23 years of the police, I’ve seen a number of homicides… these are some of the most graphic and horrific injuries I’ve seen,” says Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton.

Mr Hall was the lead vocalist in the death metal band Backyard Burial and was murdered in his bed. Police say he may have been asleep at the time.

They have not yet found the murder weapon, or established a motive for killing the man who performed under the stage name Blaps Warmonger.

He worked as a consumer consultant for Wellington’s mental health services.

“He was stabbed with a weapon, that’s part of our enquiries at the moment, to determine what was used to stab him,” says Mr Thornton.

Backyard Burial’s Facebook fan page has tributes to Mr Hall, as well as warnings not to speak to the media.

Drugs feature in the band’s repertoire but police say there is nothing to suggest the killing is drug related.

“He was a 35-year-old gentleman who was employed by Capital and Coast Health. He was involved in the heavy-metal scene as a singer in a band. He had quite an active social life and a good group of friends and associates,” says Mr Thornton.

A total 30 detectives are investigating the attack. Mr Hall’s funeral is being planned for next week.

Mr Thornton says he wants to reassure residents in Johnsonville that they’re not at risk form this attacker.
But he wouldn’t be drawn when questioned whether this meant they know who the attacker is – he would only say that the public will be informed when an arrest is made.

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source: newshub archive