Prince Harry plants purple hand print on royal photographer

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  • 15/05/2015

A cheeky Prince Harry planted a bright purple hand print on the head of photographer Arthur Edwards during a visit to a youth centre in Auckland this morning.

The prince's hand was being painted to leave a print on a wall installation along with the hand prints of children who attend the Turn Your Life Around Trust (TYLA) centre in south Auckland. While paint was being applied to his hand, Prince Harry dashed across the room and planted it on the head of Mr Edwards, who has been photographing the royal family for UK's The Sun since 1977.

The room roared with laughter as Prince Harry wiped his hands clean, telling Mr Edwards, "You know what that was for."

"I don't know what you mean," Mr Edwards retorted. "I've said wonderful things about you."

Upon asking what the gesture meant, neither of them would reveal the secret.

But the prince's willing accomplice was 17-year-old south Auckland student Alana Kitai, and she had raving reviews for Harry.

"It was really cool. He's chilled, he's laidback, down to Earth. It was fun watching him lose to all the boys, playing all the games, just laughing at him."

Ms Kitai was at the TYLA facility because five years ago she was in a bad place, surrounded by people who were nothing but a bad influence.

But at age 12, she'd finally had enough and reached out and found TYLA, which works with young people and their families to reduce youth offending.

"It's a massive outcome because I was a person who was completely shy, I didn't want to talk to people, I didn't want to interact with activities, I had really bad self-esteem. Now I'm confident, I'm loud and not shy anymore, "she says.

She proved that, hosting the prince under a worldwide media spotlight. When the cameras weren't looking, she slipped him a gift from her family.

Everyone at TYLA was happy too - with the gift of his royal presence for 40 minutes.

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source: newshub archive