Protester waited years to fling mud at Banks

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  • 02/06/2014

The veteran protestor charged with throwing manure over Act MP John Banks says he waited more than 20 years for revenge.

Sam Bracanov has denied it was assault but says it does take back to another manure-throwing incident.

The 78-year-old arrived late at the Auckland District Court this morning and told the judge he'd represent himself. He was, he said, not guilty of assault - but guilty of something else.

"It's revenge, I've been waiting 22 years for revenge. And I've done it," he said.

Sam Bracanov then wouldn't shut up. So the judge ordered him into custody for not listening.

The well-known anti royal protestor was charged with assault after he threw a bucket of manure at John Banks outside court last month.

Today he finally revealed why, saying in 1992 he was fined $10,000 for throwing a bucket of manure at the car of a royal visitor.

"Banks was the minister for police then. I've waited 22 years (sic) for revenge on this."

Five years later Bracanov had another run in with Banks, this time on radio. He says, as a talkback radio host, the politician hung up on Bracanov while he was expressing his anti-royalist views.

"I was criticising the royals and he cut me off. That's no good."

So, he said, he had his revenge. It took 22 years but now they're even. Braconov now promises his days of manure-throwing are over.

"I'm done. That's it, no more."

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