Roast Busters' actions defended

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  • 05/11/2013

Female friends of the Roast Busters have spoken out in support of the boys accused of having group sex with intoxicated underage girls.

The girls, aged between 16 and 19, are standing by their friends, saying their behaviour is nothing more than normal teen antics.

"They are good guys," said one. "They can make really dumb decisions but they are being teenagers.

"What they are doing is very wrong… they should not have put this on Facebook. They wanted to be famous, they got their fame but in the worst possible way."

But the girls, who do not wish to be named, claim the bravado we've seen from the Roast Busters is just that - even though police believe the group may have exploited a number of drunk, underage victims.

"People know that they are Roast Busters and they go hang out with them and do stuff [... ] but they're not rapists, they're cool dudes."

Police say up to six west Auckland boys had been part of the group sex ring over a two-and-a-half year period. Most of the boys are now 17 years old, or older.

Some victims told 3 News they went to parties with the boys, got into a car with them, but remember nothing afterwards.

The boy in the back seat of the Facebook video which 3 News had taken down never made it in to the group - he was on trial as a new recruit.

One former member though is the son of a police officer, and one of the boys featured in the video is the son of Hollywood-based Matrix star Anthony Ray Parker.

Mr Parker told 3 News through his agent that he doesn't wish to comment on his son, but another family member has called us to say they've been receiving death threats since the boys were exposed.

Meanwhile Joseph Levall Parker has been fired from his job at an Auckland real estate office.

Legal experts say without a formal statement from any of the group's alleged victims, police will have a tough job prosecuting.

"One of the real difficulties in these sorts of cases is you actually have to have evidence from the person who is at the centre of this and that's the complainant," says crown prosecutor Simon Moore.

3 News has learned today of another copycat site featuring Mount Albert Grammar boys. The school says it alerted police immediately, and the page has now been taken down.

The female friends of the Roast Busters told 3 News that Facebook anarchy is now the norm, so too is drunken "group sex".

"People send it on Snapchat, who cares [...] it's normal in west Auckland, its normal here […] Not for everybody though it's just the young ones 13- to 15-year-olds - that's what they do."

It's a worrying trend society may well have to address.

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