'Roast Busters' sons of high-profile entertainer, cop

  • 04/11/2013

More details about a group of young Auckland boys called the 'Roast Busters', who've been luring girls into underage group sex and boasting about it online, can now be revealed. 

One boy being questioned by police is the son of a celebrity with an international profile, while the other is the son of an Auckland police officer. 

One girl, who is choosing to remain anonymous, says the Roast Busters stole her soul. 

"They don't understand how I feel inside; they don't understand how this has hurt me," she says.

Police say the girl is one of a number of drunk, underage victims they've interviewed about being exploited by the Roast Busters.

The family of former Roast Buster Joseph Levall Parker has told us he left the six-member group mid-year, while several others have also bowed out. 

Social media today carried apologies from at least one.

"If I suffer any consequences from my past actions then I guess I deserve it," the Facebook post read. "But I just want people to know I am a good person at heart and I have matured and have taken this as a massive learning experience." 

Police have confirmed that one of the boys is the son of a high-profile entertainer, and the other is the son of a police officer.

Police say that's not the reason they've failed to lay charges to date. 

"The reason we have not prosecuted anybody is we don't have sufficient evidence at this stage," says Detective Inspector Bruce Scott.

Police have known about the group since 2011, but they say their hands are tied until victims - who in some cases have been suicidal - agree to make a formal statement. 

That has angered vigilantes, who today took to Facebook to express their anger.

"We're sick of it, we don't want this happening in our community," one post on the page read. "I'm a father, I have teenage girls and they have to walk in society, I don't like this scum walking in my streets." 

Two of the Roast Busters were not walking the streets today; they were being re-interviewed by police.

As a result of publicity around the case, one of the young men who previously declined to co-operate presented himself at a police station early this afternoon. Another young man is also being interviewed by police.

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott says the investigation is making progress, but it is too soon to say if this development will result in any prosecution.

"We're grateful that the publicity around this case has enabled us to make further progress, and we hope to build on the work done by the enquiry team to potentially take us to the stage where we have enough evidence to build a case."

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source: newshub archive