Roast Busters victim asked to 're-enact' alleged rape

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  • 06/11/2013

Ever since 3 News broke the story of the west Auckland Roast Busters, police have maintained they couldn't prosecute the underage sex gang until they received a complaint from a victim.

Tonight it can be revealed that at least two 13-year-old girls who tried to blow the whistle to police back in 2011 about being allegedly raped by the Roast Busters were made to feel it was their fault, and their complaints never went anywhere.

One girl 3 News spoke to, now aged 15, says she felt it was her word against the Roast Busters and no charges were laid.

"This is my chance to say something. I couldn't do anything two years ago. I want to do something now," she told 3 News, in the presence of her mother and sister.

She wanted to be identified, but for legal reasons she is unable to be shown or named. She says she was sexually assaulted by the Roast Busters when she was 13.

"Joseph was on my left side. Tristram was on my right. And Beraiah was on top […] I was a virgin."

She says she was "terrified".

"I started crying and was asking Beraiah to hop off and I was scared and stuff […] I was more traumatised that I was 13 and losing my virginity."

She says she was telling them to stop and get off her, but they continued. It was Joseph, she says, who eventually stopped it.

"He said, 'Beraiah get off her or you'll be done for rape.' […] He said 'oh shit', and hopped off."

She believes she was one of the first victims. Afterwards, she blamed herself. She stopped eating and it took weeks to tell her family.

They immediately took her to the police, where she says she laid a complaint. Her brother handed over the boys' names and addresses to the detective.

"I had a video interview where I had to act out what had happened with dolls […] It was traumatising."

But, apparently, it wasn't enough. She said she felt like it was her word against the Roast Busters'.

"They said that I didn't have enough evidence to show, because I went out in clothes that was pretty much asking for it. […] I was asked a lot of questions about what I was wearing, and I went out in a skirt.

"If it was me, it could be any of my friends. I knew it would carry on ," she says. 

"I can't believe nothing was done then. From then I have had my friends sexually abused by them. How many girls have been raped? I have seen posts done by girls saying Roast Busters ruined their lives […] They've gotten away with so much."

The girl plans to lay another complaint with police tomorrow.

She has received an apology on Facebook from Joseph Parker, but he asked her not to complain to police and "make it worse".

Police have confirmed to 3 News a complaint involving the Roast Busters was received in December 2011.

"An investigation was launched and the complaint was thoroughly investigated," police said in a statement this afternoon.

"Whilst this was a distressing situation for the girl and her family, police determined that there was not sufficient evidence to bring a prosecution.

"Out of respect for the victim and her family, police are unable to discuss this particular situation any further, however the victim's complaint is still part of the continuing investigation and should new supporting evidence come to light as part of the ongoing enquiry, the decision in this case not to prosecute will be reviewed.

"Police discussed this matter again with the victim's family this morning and restated their absolute commitment to doing their best by their daughter."

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source: newshub archive