Singapore's frigate 'Stalwart' source of Wellington hum?

  • 11/10/2012

The source of Wellington’s elusive and mysterious humming noise may have been solved - and it could be on its way to Auckland.

The Singapore Navy’s high-tech stealth frigate Stalwart is docked at Wellington’s waterfront and a deep reverberating hum can be heard coming from the ship.

It could be the source of the hum reported to the Wellington City Council by more than 20 residents over the last three days.

Central city resident Susan Macks contacted 3 News today, mooting the idea the hum was being made by the ship and reverberating across the city.

“I heard it on Monday night and on the next night, I had to take a sleeping pill because I thought ‘bugger this’,” she says.

“I’m in direct line with the boat and then I saw the news item and put two and two together.”

An officer on the ship told 3 News the hum was intermittent and came from the frigate’s power generator. When told of the humming mystery, he agreed his ship could be the source.

The vessel arrived in Wellington on Saturday morning and departed for Auckland this afternoon. It will arrive there on Saturday.

Council spokesman Clayton Anderson says they didn’t investigate the ship’s hum but will check tomorrow to see if it has gone.

Ms Macks says it is a really low constant hum and is adamant her theory is right.

“I’m waiting for the boat to leave so I’ll be proved right,” she says.

3 News

source: newshub archive