'Stand Tall' giraffes auctioned for charity

  • 11/02/2015

A charity fundraiser will be held tonight to farewell dozens of giraffe sculptures that have been on public display in the streets of Christchurch over the past three months.

The event kicks off at the Christchurch Casino Mashina Lounge from 6:30pm, with bidders expected from all over the city, wider New Zealand, and a few chiming in from overseas through telephone.

One-hundred artistic giraffe sculptures have been on display around the city over summer as part of Stand Tall Christchurch, a Wild in Art production, which hoped to inspire quake-weary locals.

Project director Claire Cowles says the giraffes were erected as symbol of Christchurch's journey.

"We felt that, being the tallest animal, [a giraffe] had the spirit of rising up from the ashes and standing proud and tall, much like Christchurch is doing right now," she says. "I'm really grateful to the city really because it was a fun project to work on.

"What made it special was the fact that people really got on board with it and got enthusiastic about it."

The fibreglass sculptures will be sold to the highest bidder from 7:30pm following speeches from sponsor Christchurch Casio and Wild in Art, who have flown representatives in from the UK.

Most of the money raised will be shared between four charities, with 75 percent going to Child Cancer, Life Education Trust, Gapfiller and Life in Vacant Spaces.

The remaining 25 percent will go to producer Wild in Art.

Ms Cowles is expecting many individuals to attend but hopes some businesses will also get involved to keep the art where it is on the street.

"We haven't got a target because it's really just what people are prepared to pay," she says.

"I think also a lot of people want the art. They want a giraffe because a lot of them have become attached to them while they've been out on display."

The project director hopes some of money will be used to fund further art installations in Christchurch through the charities Gap Filler and Life in Vacant Spaces.

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source: newshub archive