Twist of fate adds to Sonny Fai tragedy

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  • 18/03/2009

There is another tragic twist to the death of Rugby League star, Sonny Fai.

The story of Garth Beresford, a Warriors fan, who also lost his brother at Bethell’s Beach.

Garth Beresford died on his way to Sonny Fai’s memorial service, his brother Michael died at Bethell’s Beach three years ago.

When Sonny Fai disappeared Michael’s death motivated Garth Beresford into joining the search.

“That was just him, because he knew what his parents went through,” says widow Julie Beresford.

When Fai’s memorial service was held, Mr Beresford wanted to be there too but died in a motorbike accident on the way there.

Mr Beresford was a big Warriors fan.

“He had a Warriors jersey but it was pretty worn out so he went in the coffin with his Rolling Stones jersey instead, but it would have been the Warriors from choice,” says mother Barbara Beresford.

The family buried Mr Beresford on Monday after one last celebration.

Mr Beresfords family believe he has joined his brother in heaven.

“He had a special bond with his older brother, Michael. In fact, before he died he told his family he would not cut his hair for seven years till his brother was declared officially dead,” says Barbara Beresford.

Before his death he had been creating a sculpture for his brother and others who have lost their lives at Bethell’s Beach.

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source: newshub archive