Vitamin C campaigner begins month-long walk

  • 01/02/2015

A Whangarei police officer who says he was cured of leukaemia after taking vitamin C intravenously has begun a month-long walk to Wellington to raise funds so more people can be given the treatment.

Two years ago Anton Kuraia was given two months to live after his second cycle of chemotherapy, but he says taking vitamin C changed his life and could change others.

Just a couple of years ago Mr Kuraia was dying from leukaemia . But now he's on the journey of a lifetime.

Mr Kuraia puts it down to taking vitamin C.

"Major part of what I did – certainly gave me the time to get everything else on board, like the diet and the juice and all that sort of stuff, and all that together has got me to where I am right now."

Mr Kuraia drew inspiration from a TV3 story on Allan Smith who contracted swine flu and says he was woken from a coma with a high dose of vitamin C.

"It does work. We have evidence it does work. Anton's here today and so am I."

Taking intravenous doses of vitamin C is controversial and mainstream medicine hasn't made up its mind yet, but Dr Damien Voijcek, who treated Mr Kuraia, says it's a tool he uses.

"It can certainly be helpful in patients with cancer," says Dr Voijcek. "I think times are changing and many of my colleagues are more receptive to it."

Three-hundred friends and colleagues walked the first 34 kilometres with Mr Kuraia.

Today is just the first day and tomorrow Mr Kuraia will have to get up again tomorrow and do the same distances for a month until he's completed the 809 kilometres to the steps of Parliament in Wellington.

Mr Kuraia looks fit and able now, but his family's still worried.

"My mum has had a word with me and she's a little bit anxious, only in that she's worried that if I push myself too hard this cancer might come back, if I push myself too hard. So I'm a little bit anxious but I'll take care of myself and we'll be fine, we'll be fine."

If Mr Kuraia stays well he'll reach Wellington on March 3.

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source: newshub archive