Aaron Gilmore resigns from Parliament

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  • 12/05/2013

Embattled National MP Aaron Gilmore has resigned.

Mr Gilmore has been under scrutiny over his behaviour at the Hanmer Springs hotel restaurant late last month, after allegedly threatening to get the Prime Minister to sack a waiter who wouldn't serve him more alcohol.

Mr Gilmore had apologised and admitted to being "a bully that night" and calling the waiter a "dickhead", despite initially trying to shift the blame.

It was subsequently revealed a contract he had with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment before he returned to Parliament wasn't renewed because of inappropriate behaviour.

The list MP today announced his intention to resign from Parliament.

"It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I announce my intention to resign from Parliament,” Mr Gilmore says.

“The media scrutiny has put me and those who are important to me under immense pressure with an attempt to discredit me. I have made mistakes. I am human. But the attacks on my integrity have started taking a toll on those around me and this is unfair on them."

Mr Gilmore again apologised today to "all those people whom I've let down with my behaviour".

The news will be welcomed by top members of the party, including party president Peter Goodfellow, who yesterday said Mr Gilmore should "reflect what his future is in the party".

He will make a final statement in Parliament on Tuesday.

Mr Gilmore is to be replaced by Claudette Hauiti. She's an experienced journalist in print, radio and TV. She's in a civil union, Maori and a former grassroots Labour supporter who's said she helps build a very strong character for the National Party.

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source: newshub archive