Cunliffe stumbles, Key pounces in House

  • 17/09/2013

By 3 News online staff

Labour leader David Cunliffe's first shot at the Prime Minister in the House got off to a rocky start with the Opposition leader stumbling over his words during question time.

Mr Cunliffe proved third time is a charm after twice confusing the word "Chorus" with word "caucus" when grilling John Key about claims it set internet broadband charges to benefit the private company rolling out ultra-fast fibre cables.

"Why, following the call from the chair of caucus – ah, Chorus […] did he see fit to override the lawful regulatory process employed by the Commerce Commission […]?"

Mr Cunliffe's third and correct try was met with applause by National MPs.

Mr Key was quick to pounce on the mistake saying: "I do get a phone call from my caucus, but they all voted for me as opposed to a third of his caucus".

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source: newshub archive