Dotcom to Mana: 'I'm deeply sorry'

  • 20/09/2014

Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom says he takes full responsibility for their loss tonight, admitting his brand was "poison" for the party.

"We lost tonight, but we did not lose because of our leadership – we had great leadership. We did not lose because of our campaign – we had a great campaign, and we did not lose because of our vision, because we had a great vision," the internet tycoon told supporters in Auckland.

"But I have to admit that we lost because of me."

Dotcom was the money behind the Internet Party, which was hoping to coattail in with Mana. But leader Hone Harawira lost his seat in Te Tai Tokerau, meaning neither party could enter Parliament.

"I take full responsibility for this loss tonight because the brand Kim Dotcom was poison for what we were trying to achieve," Dotcom said.

He thanked those behind the Internet Party's campaign, and apologised to Mr Harawira.

"I take full responsibility for that as well. So I'd like to say sorry to Mana."

Dotcom also apologised to the Maori community, saying their voice was no longer in Parliament because of him.

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source: newshub archive