'Exhausted' Parker won't run for mayor

  • 05/07/2013

By 3 News online staff

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has announced on Campbell Live he will not run for the October mayoralty local government elections.

Mr Parker has retained the job since 2007, but now says he's "exhausted".

Mr Parker told Campbell Live he feared a "dirty election" and was "wrung out" by his time in the position.

Lianne Dalziel, Labour MP of Christchurch East, announced in June she would challenge Mr Parker for the job.

She criticised the communication between Mr Parker and Christchurch council chief executive Tony Marryatt, saying they made the mistake of taking a "business as usual approach" instead of focusing on the post-quake build.

But she told Campbell Live in June her decision to run was "not about Bob Parker's performance".

"It's about what I think can be brought to the people of Christchurch at a time when we do need to think about the future of our city. The communities are being left out of decision making," she said.

Polls indicated there would be a close contest between the two contenders. 

Ms Dalziel said she believed a strong contest between them would encourage a good voter turn out.

Watch John Campbell's full interview with Mayor Bob Parker

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source: newshub archive