Internet Mana launch ends in chaos

  • 24/08/2014

The Internet Mana election launch has ended in disaster, with Kim Dotcom running from the building as journalists were sworn at.

It all started after Dotcom made reference to hacking in his speech, and when journalists wanted to ask him more, whether it was linked with Dirty Politics, it turned ugly.

Internet Mana press secretary Pam Corkery was not happy journalists wanted to talk to Dotcom.

"You puffed-up little s**t," she said. "He doesn't want to. He said three times, 'I don't want to give you an interview.' He's not a candidate. He doesn't owe you anything. When will you glove puppets of Cameron Slater just piss off?"

Dotcom denies he's the hacker behind Dirty Politics, but at the party's campaign launch today said this.

"I hacked our German credit rating system and put our Prime Minister's credit rating to zero because I didn't like the guy," said Dotcom. "You have all figured by now there's another Prime Minister I don't like."

But he didn't want to talk about his comments afterwards.

The abuse started when we were filming, explaining Dotcom was in hiding.

"We've talked about jobs today and people living in poverty." said Corkery. "You want to interview Kim, who said no interviews, about a 19-year-old story. You work in news!"

And while that was going on, Dotcom ran to a waiting car to make a quick getaway.

Earlier, at the start of the launch, we briefly caught up with Dotcom to ask if he knew anything about the Twitter account Whaledump, which claims to be the hacker behind the Dirty Politics book.

So the Internet Mana launch ended in disaster, with talk of hacking, Dotcom running off and media abuse.

Internet Mana says it wants to disrupt this campaign, and it has now taken that to a whole new level.

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source: newshub archive