Jacinda Ardern wants voters to swipe right

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  • 21/08/2014

Tinder has a reputation as the go-to app for finding a one-night stand, but Labour candidate Jacinda Ardern is using it to find something a little longer-lasting: another three years in Parliament.

The two-term MP says she's only had one dodgy proposal so far, which she wouldn't repeat on Firstline this morning.

"I think I should make it very, very clear that the ad makes it very obvious that I'm not there for the traditional purposes of Tinder," says Ms Ardern.

"It's basically just a little ad that says look, if you want to talk about politics, if you haven't found what you're looking for on here but you want to talk about politics instead, drop us a line."

National MP Jami-Lee Ross says he'll stick to the traditional door-knocking routine that's worked for him so far.

Both the major parties released their first TV adverts of the election campaign this week, and Mr Ross says National's rowing-themed effort sends a strong message.

"The country's moving in the right direction, we're a united team, the National Party has led strong, stable government now for six years," he says.

"Keep the team that's succeeding for New Zealand in place."

Watch the video for the full chat with Jacinda Ardern and Jami-Lee Ross.

source: newshub archive