John Key vs Kim Dotcom battle heats up

  • 07/08/2014

The verbal battle between Kim Dotcom and John Key has turned toxic. Dotcom's Internet Party is refusing to apologise for a video that's emerged of its supporters sending key an expletive-laden message.

Footage taken during the Christchurch stop of the Internet Party's nationwide roadshow showed Dotcom asking supporters, "Are you ready to take down the Government?"

At one point the crowd started chanting "f… John Key". The video was posted online by the Internet Mana.

"That will confirm what a lot of New Zealanders think of the guy," says John Key. "In the end it’s a matter for him how he wants to run Internet Mana's campaign ." 

Dotcom wasn't available for comment, but Internet Party leader Laila Harre jumped to his defence and wouldn't apologise if anyone was offended.

"Offence to who?" she says. "Young people have their right to have their voice heard."

Just yesterday Mr Key said on RadioLIVE that Dotcom was Ms Harre's "sugar daddy." 

"It was unacceptable yesterday and it is unacceptable today," says Ms Harre.

The tension between the Internet Party and the Prime Minister will go up a notch next week.

Ms Harre, who is standing in Mr Key's Hellensville electorate, will face off with the Prime Minister during his only local election meeting at a Baptist church.

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source: newshub archive