Peters holds off backing Horan

  • 25/11/2012

New Zealand First MP Brendan Horan has been instructed by his party leader to sort out a family dispute over his deceased mother's will.

It has been reported that large amounts of money went missing from Olwen Horan's account before she died in August.

Police have confirmed that no formal complaint has been made.

Winston Peters says the party has repeatedly requested facts and evidence about the allegations of misappropriated funds but hasn't been provided with any, so far.

The allegations were made by Mr Horan's brother, Mana Ormsby. He says around $85,000 was missing from their mother's account, withdrawn from ATMs and TAB outlets near Mr Horan's office in Mt Maunganui, and in Hamilton and Auckland.

"I've done nothing wrong and I'd rather just keep it within the family, and people will see in the fullness of time that this is just a fantasy and the allegations are demonstrably false," Mr Horan told the New Zealand Herald.

Party leader Winston Peters declined to back Mr Horan, saying he wouldn't comment until he had "the facts".

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source: newshub archive