Poll shows majority against National's tax cuts

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  • 07/09/2014

Prime Minister John Key is set to unveil his election trump card tomorrow – a plan for tax cuts. But the latest 3 News poll shows a majority of voters actually don't want them.

Getting to tax cuts has been a real "yeah-nah" situation for National. Just before the Budget Mr Key said yeah, but that same day his Finance Minister, Bill English, said nah.

Then came the pre-election opening of the books three weeks ago. Mr English was on "nah" again.

But then five days later, with National's campaign out of control because of Dirty Politics, Mr Key was suddenly "yeah" again.

So tomorrow it's "yeah", but as the 3 News poll shows, a majority voters actually say "nah", at 52 percent. Forty-four percent support tax cuts, while 4 percent don't know. Breaking down the figures, 59 percent of National voters don't support the cuts, while 38 percent do. Three percent don't know.

"Dirty Politics, tax cuts – these guys are all over the show," says Labour Party leader David Cunliffe.

National is selling tomorrow's announcement as an "outline" of what the tax cuts may look like if re-elected, rather than a package with specific details.

But National has hinted it's targeted at low- to middle-income earners and could be $20-$30 a week – that's $1000-$1500 a year.

National has delivered six Budgets with deficits, but are set to balance the books, with a small surplus forecast for next year. There were tax cuts in its first Budget. Since then it has built its brand on preaching spending restraint.

Now Mr Key is about to open the public purse – to buy votes.

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source: newshub archive