Surprise contender in Labour leader race

  • 06/09/2013

There's one week of campaigning left before the next Labour Party leader is chosen.

David Cunliffe is in charge - as preferred labour leader, he is up on 39.6 percent.

But Shane Jones is in line for a bit of an upset. Considered an outsider, he currently sits in second place on 31.6 percent.

That's pushed Grant Robertson back into third - he was supposed to be joint favourite, but he's only polling 28.8 percent.

That will be a real shock for him and his supporters.

It is the Labour membership who will all vote on the leader – but looking at just Labour voters - Cunliffe is even stronger, sitting at 45.6 percent.

While Jones drops a bit but is still up there at 28.1 percent. Robertson remains in third even among his own on 26.4 percent.

So Robertson is in shock, Cunliffe is in control and Jones has initial bragging rights.

"I don't really care which one of the three come through," says Prime Minister John Key.

"Whoever it is we will treat with a high level of respect and the reason for that is every leader of the opposition is potentially dangerous when you are Prime Minister."

This will get vicious first – Mr Jones called on Labour's MPs to ditch Mr Robertson and shift to him.

"I'm saying to the MPs, this is now a two horse race - listen to the public. Follow what the public want and the public are saying," Mr Jones says.

A close race is anticipated, but someone has to come last.

This poll of 500 people aged 18+ was conducted by Research Now between Tuesday September 3 and Thursday September 5.

It has a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percent.

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source: newshub archive