Things we learned about Jacinda Ardern

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  • 06/06/2014

By 3 News online staff

Labour Party MP Jacinda Ardern has ruled out becoming Prime Minister one day, calling it an "awful, awful job".

The 33-year-old appeared on The Edge radio station's afternoon show on Thursday, answering questions from hosts and callers.

Ms Ardern, who party leader David Cunliffe once said "has a big future in politics", revealed she has "no desire" to become Prime Minister even though she has often been touted as a potential Labour Party leader by political pundits.

And despite Mr Cunliffe saying Labour will not decriminalise marijuana should it win this year's election, Ms Ardern told listeners she supports reviewing the laws around the drug.

"I think it's time we had a public debate about it actually," she said. "Now that we've had all of this discussion about synthetic drugs we've now got a system where if they're safe they can be sold, so it's probably time that we had a debate about wider drug policy as well."

In 2010 the Law Commission recommended herbal cannabis be made legal for patients able to obtain prescriptions from their doctor.

Ms Ardern also revealed a number of personal details to those who called and texted in, ranging from which MP she would marry to her political idol.

"I really like Norman Kirk," she said. "In fact, my first cat was called Norm."

Things we learned about Jacinda Ardern

  • If forced to marry another MP, she would choose Grant Robertson because he is gay.
  • Her cousin Shane Ardern is also an MP.
  • Her cousin Paul Ardern has a viral YouTube video.
  • She used to be a Mormon.
  • She is an avid whiskey drinker.
  • She thinks interest-free student loans should be kept.
  • Veteran Labour MP Annette King "is awesome, she's like the aunty everybody wants in their life".
  • She "absolutely" believes Labour can win this year's election.

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