Video: John Key talks Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics

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  • 14/08/2014

Prime Minister John Key has tried to deflect attention from Nicky Hagers' Dirty Politics book by saying the Left of politics are the ones guilty of dirty tactics.

He has also been critical of the timing of the book's release at 5.30pm last night, saying Mr Hager "didn't want people who are in the book to critique it and to be able to put their side of the story before the 6 o'clock news".

"If there's dirty politics, it's actually coming from the Left," Mr Key said in Dunedin this afternoon.

"If you look at the Left, they don’t want to talk about the issues that matter to New Zealanders."

He cited the "F*** John Key" video posted by Internet Mana, the burning of his effigy, wrecked billboards and parody song 'Planet Key' as examples.

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source: newshub archive