Winston: Take away Dom Rd's Asian takeaways

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  • 17/05/2012

By Patrick Gower

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is back banging the immigration drum, claiming there are too many Asian restaurants on Auckland's Dominion Rd.

He has used them as an example of the kinds of immigrants New Zealand doesn't need.

"Not everybody agrees with me but I tell you there will come a time in this country when you wonder ‘what on earth have we done?’," he says.

"Drive down Dominion Rd, there are 150 restaurants, now there can't be that many people eating in that part of the world."

Mr Peters says there are 150 restaurants, so 3 News took a drive and counted 90 restaurants, mainly Chinese, Korean and Malaysian.

Mr Peters just doesn't like them, saying it is wrong.

"Drive down it someday - once you get past the Eden Park turnoff , keep going and you tell me - what is going on here?"

The restaurants 3 News spoke to agreed there is too much competition but they weren't worried about immigration policy.

Prime Minister John Key says he can’t take Mr Peters seriously and as far as he is concerned, the more Asian food outlets, the better.

Yet given the implosion of John Banks and the ACT Party, Mr Key is being forced to take Mr Peters much more seriously as a future partner in Government - despite ruling him out the past two elections.

Mr Key won't say if he will deal with Peters in 2014 but if it means staying in power you never know - he just might.

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source: newshub archive