Former Team New Zealand duo join Barker's Japanese syndicate

  • 06/07/2015

Two veteran Team New Zealand crew members have joined Dean Barker's new Japanese America's Cup syndicate.

Bowman Jeremy Lomas and grinder Derek Saward left Team New Zealand earlier this year and have linked up with former helmsman Barker in England for the America's Cup World Series opener.

Lomas was part of New Zealand's last four Cup challenges, while Saward has been a part of the team since 2010.

The team's sailing director Chris Draper, who is also the wing trimmer-tactician, was pleased to announce the pair are now part of a talented team.

"Jero [Lomas] and Derek have incredible sailing skills and experience. They are extremely multi-talented individuals on the water and shore side. We're trying to echo this ethos throughout the team with all of the people we recruit," said Draper.

"We are going to be training together in Portsmouth from July 13. We'll have eight or nine days of sailing together, which is nothing like what some of our competition has done, but I think we'll gel quickly and be ready to compete at a high level.

"The people coming on board with us are extremely talented individuals, at the top of their game. We are not here to make up the numbers and everyone that is joining the team has the same belief. SoftBank Team Japan is an incredible opportunity to have a new start and to push extremely hard for success."

Bowman Kazuhiko Sofuku is the only Japanese sailor confirmed on the team so far.

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source: newshub archive