Full video interview: Matt Mitchell

  • 06/02/2015

It's been important for Matt Mitchell to start to convey his side of the story in the America's Cup cheating case that continues to linger.

The Kiwi sailor, who was a grinder on for Oracle Team USA, has filed a complaint with sailing's international governing body ISAF of gross misconduct against all five members of the America's Cup jury, claiming the jury members used him "unwittingly as a prawn in Oracle Team USA's quest to defend the America's Cup against Team New Zealand."

Mitchell stated that he was pleased to be at a point where he could finally start to make some progress with the case.

"We've gathered lot more evidence and spoken to a lot more people, so the stuff we're going forward with now is much more factual," he said.

It's been a testing process for Mitchell, and the jury hearings have certainly had a lasting impact.

"It's the most difficult thing I've had to endure in my sporting career".

Check out the video above for the full interview

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source: newshub archive