McRae takes Race to the Sky

  • 19/04/2015

Alister McRae has won the Race to the Sky driving the same car the late Possum Bourne claimed victory with in 2001.

But the biggest news of the day was the early exit of race favourite Monster Tajima.

Tajima was at full speed when his car flew to pieces. It was meant to be his dress rehearsal run before his record-breaking attempt later in the day. But it wasn't a record that was broken.

"A broken heart because now my car is maximum attack, so very fast and flying, so I don't control," says Tajima.

The eight-time winner not the only front runner to suffer problems during the first run; eventual winner McRae's day got off to a bad start when he blew up his engine trying to stay head of Australian Brett Hayward.

"We're not sure but something has let go in the engine, so we're got a big job of trying to change an engine in a couple of hours," says McRae.

There was no question that the car would make it to the start line for the final run, with this weekend marking 12 years since the crash that ended the New Zealand Rally legend's life.

His son, Spencer, was only four years old when Bourne died.

"Representing Dad is very special to me," he says. "I know a lot of people here watched him and he was their idol."

McRae paid the ultimate tribute, winning the Race to the Sky in the car Possum drove to victory in 2001.

"To win the event in the car that he won it in in 2001 is just perfect," says McRae.

It's a great comeback for the Bourne Impreza and the Race to the Sky, which has just signed a 10-year lease to hold the event here.

Yes, Monster will be back, but next time he plans to race an electric car.

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source: newshub archive