VIDEO: Brad Haddin poked in eye during wicket celebration, Australia Vs India ODI 2103

  • 13/10/2013

Australia has started well on their tour of India with a 72-run win in their opening ODI but the match will be remembered for a high-five gone wrong.

Wicketkeeper Brad Haddin became a one-eyed supporter of James Faulkner when the Aussie fast-bowler went in for a high-five after getting the opening wicket but instead poked Haddin in the eye.

"How embarrassing is that? We couldn't even get our high fives right," skipper George Bailey joked after the match.

"What about just a handshake? Just take it back to 'well bowled'."

Faulkner was instantly apologetic about his over-enthusiastic celebration and Haddin was forced from the field to get some treatment after the incident but he did eventually return.

"We were trying to work out whether he came back out because his eye was alright or if he was nervous because Hughesy was keeping so well," Bailey said.

"He might've been under the pump."

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source: newshub archive