Tech Bytes: Huawei unveils new P8 smartphone

  • 03/06/2015

Chinese firm Huawei has this week launched its new flagship phone, the P8, in the South Pacific.

3 News Tech Bytes presenter Emma Brannam flew to Singapore to check it out.

Huawei's chief operating officer Henry Hsu says a good phone has to work well and provide high quality features that the customers want.

"Most of the time we make sure that our phone is very affordable," says Mr Hsu.

The P8 includes a microSD slot on the side which also doubles as a SIM slot. It is also lightweight, thin and has a Gorilla Glass screen.

Kiwi photographer Tom Roberton says the P8's camera has several great features that rival some DSLR cameras.

The P8 is set to go on sale in New Zealand on July 10.

Top ten P8 features

  • Beautiful bodywork
  • Ultra slim and lightweight
  • 5.2 inch display
  • Very cool camera features
  • Cheaper than the competition
  • Decent battery life
  • No Quad HD screen
  • No fingerprint scanner 
  • Sluggish free gaming experience
  • Almost unrecognisable Android OS

Watch the video for the full report.

source: newshub archive