Woman shares her home with pet crocodiles

The presence of a sign saying 'Danger Crocodiles - No Swimming' on the door of a neighbours might often suggest that a joker is in residence.

But the sign is no joke - this house in a Melbourne suburb really does contain crocodiles.

And crocodile enthusiast Vicki Lowing is a familiar sight on the local streets as she walks Johnny, her fourteen year old pet freshwater croc.

Johnny is in fact female, but Vicki didn't know that when she first bought her home.

Vicki's love of crocodiles is so extreme that her bathroom has been given over to another family member, Fovian, also a freshwater croc.

A further housemate, too big for the bathtub, lives in its own tank in the garage.

Jilfia, a saltwater croc, is only a baby but is already eight feet long and still growing.

Vicki says a lot of people, including her mother, have suggested that keeping crocodiles is too costly, but her emotional attachment to these much-feared creatures is clear to see.

And with the cat having learnt to keep its distance, territorial squabbles have so far been avoided.

Vicki Lowing was the subject of media reports last year when she was given an ultimatum by her husband that either Johnny the crocodile had to leave or he would.

The response? Simple. She divorced her husband.


source: newshub archive