America's Cup 2021: Prada Cup schedule poor says sailing veteran Ken Read

Just two weeks ago, the America's Cup Challenger Series began and already we've reached the semi-final stage - but sailing veteran Ken Read questions whether the scheduling is up to scratch. 

The challengers started their quest to win the 'Auld Mug' three years ago and with just five days of racing in the books, is it fair on the challengers that one boat will be flying home after this weekend?

In 2017, each team had 10 races to prepare themselves for the knockout stage, but this year, only six, including one 'ghost race' for the Italians and the British. 

Read feels the scheduling isn't up to scratch and doesn't provide the challengers with a stern enough test to prepare them for Emirates Team New Zealand in the America's Cup. 

"It is shocking to think we've just started," Read tells The AM Show.

"I think when they go back and look at the scheduling at this event, there will be questions asked over time whether this was done properly for the challengers to pick the best person, because really they are just starting."

This year's Prada Cup has been tightly compressed compared to previous editions and sailing expert Richard Gladwell can't fathom how quickly they've raced through it. 

"The thing with this event is it's a real sudden-death series, where those other series have been a lot longer," he writes for

"In Fremantle, the round robins ran over three months, while the round robin here ran over just five days - it's just crazy."  

The business end of the Prada Cup is upon us, with semi-final action bringing a sense of urgency with the increased stakes. 

This contest has an air of desperation, with both sides battling to find form, as they fight to stay alive. 

"Neither of these teams are perfect right now, and the big question mark is the Americans, and whether the boat will be in one piece and if they've worked all the gremlins out it," Read says.

"It's fascinating, nobody has any idea what is going to happen this weekend."

The semi-final series is a best-of-seven races, with the first team to notch four wins claiming victory. 

Join us for live updates on Friday from 3pm of the Prada Cup semi-finals.