Live updates: America's Cup - Challengers Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli v NYYC American Magic

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Repechage, Race 4

Luna Rossa v American Magic

Luna Rossa win by 3m 51s, win series 4-0

Finish - Luna Rossa are 3km up now and approaching the line.

They cross the line and are through to the Prada Cup final, where Team UK await.

American Magic are still out there and incur another boundary penalty. They finally cross 3m 51s behind - the fairytale ending was not to be.

Final leg - The Italians round the final mark and head downwind towards the finish, but American Magic have fallen off the foils and can only wave as their rivals power past in the opposite direction.

They have another boundary penalty, adding insult to injury.

Fifth leg - Luna Rossa are virtually a full length of the course ahead, abotu 2km.

Fourth leg - Luna Rossa have already rounded the top mark and head downwind. The Americans are 2m 36s behind. 

Third leg - American Magic reach the bottom mark 2m 01s back - that's 1.6km on the water. 

The Americans seem to have good speed upwind, reaching 37 knots, but they need a calamitous mistake from their opponents to get back in this contest.

Luna Rossa round the top mark and they're halfway there. The Americans wander back onto the course from the left - they've been off course all this time.

Patriot finally reaches the top mark, 2m 42s behind.

Second leg - The Italians are 700m clear and that could be the ball game very early. They seem headed straight down the course with the wind at their backs.

American Magic have dropped off their foils and that's it - they have a boundary penalty.

The margin is now 1.5km, as Luna Rossa lay for the bottom mark from the right.

They round and only need to stay upright to progress to the next stage.

American Magic can't drop their right foil and cross the boundary again.

First leg - Luna Rossa have an immediate 100m lead and they tack right to cover their rivals.

The Americans have already reached the right boundary and are heading back across the course. As they reach Luna Rossa, Spithill tacks over the top and Barker tacks back right - certainly more aggressive tactics this time.

Luna Rossa seem to be protecting the left hand side of the course and tack to cover again. American Magic cross about 160m behind.

The Italians arrive at the top gate ahead and round the left mark. Sounds like American Magic have gear problems - they arrive 45 seconds behind.

Start - OK, this is it - last chance saloon for the Americans. Race committe has given the all-clear to race.

American Magic have port entry and a chance to dictate terms early.

Patriot rockets through the start box and heads deep right, Prada enters from starboard and follows immediately.

American Magic reach the right boundary and turns back to cut behind Luna Rossa, which also turns and has port.

The Italians will lead to the line, but Barker immediately tacks right for a split.

3:53pm - About 25 minutes away from the start of the next race, American Magic's last stand.

Repechage, Race 3

Luna Rossa v American Magic

Luna Rossa win by 35 seconds, lead 3-0

Finish - Luna Rossa cruise to victory and are now one win away from the America's Cup challenger finals.

American Magic are just 35 seconds back, certainly a better performance than yesterday, but still not enough.

Sixth leg - The lead is now 500m for Luna Rossa and they are cruising home for match point.

These sailors certainly seem to have perfected these boats, after a few weeks of learning on the fly.

Fifth leg - The Americans split right, with the Italians way out left.

The Americans are holding at 300m behind, so they tack right, looking for something more. Spithill follows.

American Magic have already tacked from the right boundary, while Luna Rossa continue right.

Barker just can't find a way to cut into the lead, as they approach the top mark for the last time.

Luna Rossa round the left mark and have extended their lead back out to 41 seconds. The Americans are hanging tough, but just one downwind leg left.

Fourth leg - American Magic are 41 seconds behind and desperately looking for a way back into this contest.

The Americans seem to have made some headway and slice the advantage to 330m. Both boats are heading left, with Luna Rossa just covering their rivals.

The Americans seem to be faster upwind and have the difference below 300m.

Luna Rossa arrive at the bottom gate and round the right mark. American Magic are only 20 seconds behind, so they cut 21 seconds off the lead.

Third leg - Heading upwind towards the halfway mark and the Italians are now 300m ahead.

Both boats heading to the right side of the course, Italy maintaining a 300m advantage.

American Magic tack left to look for something different to get them back in the game. Spithill has spotted the move and follows - "Let's keep the foot on the throat".

The margin is now more than 400m, as Luna Rossa approach the top gate. They round smoothly and immediately head to the left side of the course.

Second leg - These races today seem to be only six legs, probably reflection of the lighter winds and lower speeds.

Both boats operating out left of the course, but the Italian lead is now about 250m, as they jibe right across the course. 

Speeds today are nowhere near the 50 knots of yesterday. Nothing above 40 so far.

Luna Rossa arrive at the bottom gate, clocking 40 knots now, and round left. American Magic have lost a little ground, now 22 seconds back - still within a mistake.

First leg - Barker tacks first off the left bounday and Spithill follows.

Luna Rossa crib a few metres heading across the course and American Magic tack away to the left.

The Italians give their rivals some space and then follow left. They have about 100m now.

American Magic tack right and cross about 150m behind.

Luna Rossa round the top gate first, taking the righthand track, with American Magic 13 seconds behind, taking the left mark.

Start - Luna Rossa have port entry first, but American Magic must win this start or their goose is cooked. They lost both starts yesterday and never got a look in.

Both boats are performing their pre-start manoeuvres and the race committee has given the go-ahead to start. Both are foiling beautifully.

The Italians have entered, followed by the Americans. Luna Rossa hve gone right, American Magic taking a more circuitous route.

American Magic cut in front of their rivals and may have the edge heading back to the line.

Luna Rossa sail along the line, but great start from American Magic to be level and on port side, heading left.


Kia ora, good afternoon and welcome to Newshub's live coverage of the America's Cup challengers repechage between Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli v NYYC American Magic on the Hauraki Gulf.

After two weeks repairing the holed hull on their yacht Patriot, the Americans steered successfully, if hesitantly, around the course twice on Friday, without major incident, although they looked shaky a couple of times.

Alas, that wasn't good enough to challenge the Italian entry, which put on a clinical display to win the opening two races of the best-of-seven series. A similar performance today would see them progress to next month's Prada Cup final against INEOS Team UK.

Today's racing will take place on Course A, which is out beyond Rangitoto Island and off East Coast Bays. Best vantage points include Takapuna Beach, Milford, Kennedy Point, Possum's Lookout and George Gair Lookout. 

Winds are north-northwest, 7-10 knots. Remember, this is the course where American Magic came a cropper two weeks ago, so not such great memories for them.

TAB odds: Luna Rossa $1.40, American Magic $2.70

Do or die: American Magic fight to keep dream alive

NYYC American Magic face a do-or-die predicament, as they fight to keep their America's Cup dream alive, after a poor opening day of Prada Cup semi-final racing on Friday. 

Just to get Patriot back on the water was remarkable achievement and so many fans hoped for a fairytale story on Friday, but it wasn't to be, with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli completely outclassing the Americans to go two from two on the opening day. 

American Magic skipper Terry Hutchinson wasn't mincing words in the post-race press conference, but insists the fight is very much alive within the team. 

"I'm reasonably pissed off, because I hate losing, it's no more complicated than that," Hutchinson says. "There is nothing that gets you going more than getting your teeth kicked in." 

Sitting at 2-0 down, the Americans must win one race on Saturday to avoid elimination from this year's Prada Cup. 

American Magic skipper Terry Hutchinson
American Magic skipper Terry Hutchinson. Photo credit: Getty

That daunting fact hasn't dented the Americans' hopes, with the fight still clearly alive within the camp as Saturday becomes a pivotal day in their campaign. 

"It's not too steep of a mountain to climb, and I would use an example of the last 12 days of what we've done as a team to show that and we don't need any more motivation than winning," he says. 

"I think anyone here could walk into our shed, and what you would see is a motivated group of people trying to make sure we take one race at a time on Saturday and we get ourselves to Sunday, and we'll see where we sit."

The new wasn't all bad for the Americans, with Patriot setting a new speed record of 53.31 knots, which is equivalent to 99kph, but there are no bonus points for going fast, so they'll be hoping Saturday's the day they can turn around their fortunes and get their campaign back on track. 

The conditions are meant to be polar opposite to Friday, with light winds expected to provide very different racing.

On Friday, wind reached as high as 25 knots and averaged between 18-21 knots, which made boat handling very difficult, something the Americans struggled with.

On Saturday, the wind is expected to sit between 6-10 knots, which will make for far more tactical racing.